The Biozentrum Micrograph Data Processing Program

MDPP V12-320 : © Copyright 1983-2013 P.R. Smith.

The Micrograph Data Processing Program (MDPP) is a fully-featured general purpose image processing package originally written to support research in structural biology requiring electron microscopy and image processing.

MDPP support is provided for MacOSX 10.8.x and Red Hat Linux on Intel. (You should should also be able to build MDPP on OpenVMS/IA64 V8.3, and on SUN Solaris and SGI IRIX from the OSX codebase but this is not an effort I will be undertaking here.)

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Hewlett-Packard Corp. and Intel Corp. generously provided the resources to port MDPP to OpenVMS/IA64 on the Itanium platform.

The development of the MDPP represents a huge investment by the authors, and also of the funding agencies that have helped pay the development costs. The major contributor recently has been the National Science Foundation (NSF) which has contributed indirectly and directly through grant BIR-9410750.

The MDPP Distribution

Ross Smith, New York University School of Medicine, August - 2008 

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